”声・新カルチャー”魂”Statement・New Culture ”Soul”






 Japanese Zen Harmony Arist, future Japanese callligrapher, and essential worker, Masa Hayami has a vast multi-disaplinary practice encompassing painting, drawing, photography,

action painting, performance art, 3dimentional approach and VR, AR, AI digital art. 

Her works are in both digital, physical.

In physical, she uses her body, part of her body, or brushes, etc. to paint.

She uses acrylics, aerosol, natural wood, sand and fabrics on acrylic glass and canvas, and so on. 

 She has originally cretated various techniques, such as J Calligraphy Abstract (Future Japanese Calligraphy未来書道) and Sword Paintings from her experimentations and research.


 Her digital production and digital exploration began completely on my her, on her iPhone. She still produce with mostly with her iPhone. 

There is a need to explore in her own way what is possible, in order to complete the project on the iPhone. This is not a matter of looking at

something and learning, but rather of first trying it out, taking action.Then she look at them, get ideas, try to connect or so, and see the results.

And once those processes are connected, it is necessary to put them into application, which requires a number of experimentation.

 Unlike physical, digital technology has a part where she can't do whatever she wants, so there is the process where she asks questions about the rule,

and also she checks the degree of freedom within that rule at the same time on her i phone.


Her idea of digital creation is harmonization. She uses and expresses “Emoji” pictographs that originated in Japan,  kimono fabrics,

kimono plane drawings, shrine flat drawings, her daily and existence journal photos, pixel art, AI art, etc.

It is layered with many things that she considers important, thoughts, spirits, souls, and things that she thinks have life in them. 

Inspired by digital innovation, she explores the very definition of "Art" in the digital age. 


She  hopes to create Global Harmony, “NewJaponism Zenin the real and metaverse/virtual world and creating new form of culture of "human soul", toward the future.








 Masa Hayamiは、Zenを取り入れ、絵画、ドローイング、写真、3Dアプローチ、デジタルアート、AR, VR, AI、手や体を使ったパーフォーマンスアート,








日々の彼女の存在記録写真や人間記録写真をi phoneで撮り溜めています。またJ カリグラフィーアブストラクト(未来書道)や、




























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