”声” Statement



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 Her works are in both in digital and in physical.

She has a vast multi-disaplinary practice encompassing painting, drawing, photography, 3dimentional approach, digital art, and painting action /performance. In physical, she uses acrylics, aerosol, natural wood, sand and fabrics on acrylic glass and canvas, and so on. She uses hands ,body, brushes to paint. It depends on her work. She works on her original J・Caliabstract , Sword action paintings.


Her ways of approach and production include mixture and blending of physical painting3dimentional, photography, and digital work.


Her photographs include daily exist phtographs she takes everyday using her iphone and also sometimes taking herself, for human record. Some other resources of her photographs are taken or used when she realized or thought about something deeply in her living life.



Masa incorporates Eastern thought and focuses on humanity. Her challenge is also the attempt to break global barriers and approach social matters.

She hopes to create the works which speak by itself, share emotional and resonates with the soul.

She named her work and her digital world, "Digital Japonism".



She uses phone most of the time to make digital art. She thinks using her hands,her body is important for her work both in digital and physical.

In digital, her interest are mostly in the discovery, focus on surfaces, spaces, existance, and unknown. Having her kind of pictorial strategy that she created  by herself, she is now starting to see the world in differnt perspectives. "It's almost like working organically. "she says.

 She tries to push the boundaries between physical and digital production. 

She searches to explore the future, new forms and directions of Art in the next era.



She says when she paints, draws lines and makes flow, she makes the flow decisively, capturing the moment. 

" It express myself being there, just as it is. I need to move forward with strong heart, without any regret, and make the flow by myself

For me, my studio is like Dojyo.The Dojyo is a place for martial arts practice and training. A place to train the mind and body and aim for human formation .I create it with my mind and body together, no lies or cheats. Only life-sized me can be expressed on my flow. My mind and the way of my thinking is all reflected. I don't create when my mind is not clear and calm enough. I want to make better flow.I want to be stronger as a human and enhance humanity.


For me, in order to express and create my work, I value my mind and soul.

It’s not about the various siluette, images and shapes.

I create emotional space from my experiences and I have to closely observe the phenomenon that is happening in front of me, and have dialogue and conversations with it .That is because there is always a complicated world and stories to it .

I need to have a conversation with it, and it should be a meaningful time .”


 ”I think Art is about life and soul.  It's about going to your mind and a heart, and it's love and warmth.
 I believe there is no boundaries in this world and also no boundaries in art.

My art is ”Life Art.”














日々の彼女の存在記録写真や人間記録写真をi phoneで撮り溜め、作品に使用。また彼女の生きているうえで感じた強く感じた、思ったことに関する写真も使用しています。


 またJ・Caliabstract、Sword action paintings、J カリグラフィーアブストラクトや刀アクションペインティング等、オリジナル表現も生み出しています






彼女の作品、彼女のデジタルの世界は、"Digital Japonism"、デジタルジャポニズムと名付けました。












”自分で考えたデジタルの画像戦略的なアプローチを持ち、今、私は世界を違う視点で見るようになっています。 私のやり方は、デジタルで、”オーガニック”な制作をするようなものです。









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