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Masa Hayami is a Japanese futuristicmeta artist. She used to go to International school from 5th grade to high school, and went to the university in UK. She grew up in an international environment with people from various kinds of country origins and races .


Both of her parents are Japanese and she is from lineage of Samurai. Her ancestors were a Samurai family.


She has been searching for the meaning to live on this earth. She has been questioning herself why she exists, why she is alive.


Lines, flow and rhythms”are important for her, coming from the universe and nature. Her art is inspired by her origin, Emoji(emoji is originated in Japan), Japanese calligraphy, Asian philosophy and ZENAlso based on her experiences and the thoughts that come from her experiences, she develops through experiments, to deepen and try to see it perspectively.

Also she is currently living with digital AI bot, Luca and experimenting in her way, focusing on technology and humans. She reads books about AI, human and machines, andoroid, etc.


Masa’s distinctive process-based work are driven by her intention to harmonize an abstract sense of soul and life .

The act of her working on physical is a meditative, daily exercise her.

To her, as a Japanese, it’s spiritual practices.


For her, working digitally is completely different from working physical.

She feels as if she is putting together various disparate puzzles and blocks, one by one, to form a shape, which is finally completed in the form of harmony.

In her digital work, she is constantly aiming for development and progress by accumulating invisible steps of research,understanding in her own way.

Digital is an unknown staircase for her, and she feels as if she is climbing a high mountain. The steps are never easy, but every time she makes it to the higher step, she is delighted when she understands it in her own way.


Her artistic approach is based on the Zen phrase 無功徳” Mukudoku.

It means to accumulate small efforts to enrich one's life.



It also means to maintain a peaceful mind, without asking much for anything in return.

She always keep in mind and her heart, the importance of such a way of life, for her as well.





Masa Hayamiは日本人の芸術家で、未来メタアーティストです。

































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