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My art is Life Art.
I always ask myself what it means to be alive.
I always produce my art and think about the meaning of my birth and existence strongly.
Also, while living in this historic pandemic, I question myself my attitude and my way of life.As long as I have life, I want to keep learning , understanding and taking action in my own way, in any circumstances and environment.For me, Art is not made for my living, but I want to live for making Art.    



"The world in me, is moving forward step by step , trying to understand the world without preconceived notions , not to be constrained by stereotypes, while thinking and trying to understand, even at this moment in my way. My creation consists of accumulating various experiments and to explore and to discover, while the future is completely uncertain. For me, being alive, living itself is an art and that discovery is important within, and I think being alive has a deep meaning in itself. My point of view and my thought are created and discovered by the world in which I live. I don't want to dull my sense in art. "


  LIFE ART  Masa Hayami   





 Japanese artist Masa Hayami has a vast multi-disaplinary practice encompassing painting, drawing, photography, 3dimentional approach and digital art.

Her physical painting action such as Sword action painting and Japanese Caliabstract are created originally.

She tries to push the boundaries between physical and digital production. She explores the future, new forms and directions of Art in the next era.


Her ways of approach and production include mixture and blending of physical painting and drawing3dimentional, photography, and digital work. 

 Masa incorporates Eastern thought and focuses on humanity. Her challenge is also the attempt to break global barriers and approach social matters.

She hopes to create the works which speak by itself, share emotional and resonates with the soul.


She used to go to Japanese elementary school until 5th grade, started going to International school from 5th grade to high school , and went to the university in UK. She grew up in an international environment with people from various kinds of country origins and races .Both of her parents are Japanese.Since she grew up in a family which her father used to be a violent man, she had various complicated and sad experiences.She has been searching for the meaning to live on this earth.She has been questioning herself why she exists, why she is alive.


Lines”,”flow and rhythms”are important for her.

Her art is inspired by her origin, Japanese calligraphy, Asian philosophy,ZEN, nature, universe, and blood. 

 Also based on her experiences and the thoughts that come from her experiences, she develops through experiments, to deepen and try to see it perspectively.

 She tries to see what rests beneath whatever seems to be happening on the surface of things.

It's almost like training to face herself deeply.

 She believes the answer is always not outside, but within herself.

And that is the way she lives.






Masa Hayamiは日本人アーテイストで、絵画、ドローイング、写真、3Dアプローチ、デジタルアート、アクション/パーフォーマンスアートなど、幅広い学術的な実践・活動をおこなう芸術家です。Sword action paintings.など独自に作り上げたアクションペインティングや、書道をヒントに物理的制作とデジタル、写真等を組み合わせたJ・Caliabstract 等、オリジナルで独自の未来的美術のアプローチ開発に力を入れて様々な斬新な制作をおこなっています。

























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