Masa Hayami


”書” J・Caligraphy abstract

Multidisciplinary Artist
Life Activist


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Her works are inspired by her origin, Japanese calligraphy and zen.

After long experiments with physical and digital, she was able to come up and create of her own expression.

She named it, "J・Caligraphy abstract ".
"J"stands for Japanese.



(Japanese calligraphy was influenced by Zen thought.

For any particular piece of paper, the calligrapher has but one chance to create with the brush.

The brush strokes cannot be corrected, and even a lack of confidence shows up in the work.

The calligrapher must concentrate and be fluid in execution.

To write Zen calligraphy with mastery, one must clear one's mind and let the letters flow out of themselves, not practice and make a tremendous effort.

This state of mind was called the mushin (無心, "no mind state")by the Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro.

It is based on the principles of Zen Buddhism, which stresses a connection to the spiritual rather than the physical.







彼女は、数々の物理的制作とデジタル実験で生み出し開発したものを、"J・Caligraphy abstract "と名付けました。




筆運びは修正できず、自信のなささえ作品に現れる。 書道家は集中して実行に移す必要がある。