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Participating (Un)Fair 2022 Contemporary Art Fair ミラノコンテンポラリーアートフェアに出展

Participating (Un)Fair 2022 Contemporary Art Fair in Milano 8-10 April  ミラノコンテンポラリーアートフェアに出展 4/8-10

Participatingfr (Un)Fair 2022 Contemporary Art Fair in Milano from VAN GOGH Art Gallery in Spain, April 8-10.

4月8日-10日にヨーロッパのミラノで開催される コンテンポラリーアートフェアに、スペインギャラリーVAN GOGH Art Galleryより出展が決定しました。



Participating LUXEMBOURG CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR/ LUXEMBOURGコンテンポラリーアートフェアにスペインギャラリーより出展

Participating LUXEMBOURG CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR/ LUXEMBOURGコンテンポラリーアートフェアにスペインギャラリーより出展

Participating LUXEMBOURG CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR in Europe, from VAN GOGH Art Gallery in Spain from March 31-April 3. 

Some of the new work will be exhibited.


3月31日から4月3日にヨーロッパのオーストリアで開催される、LUXEMBOURG コンテンポラリーアートフェアに、スペインギャラリーVAN GOGH Art Galleryより出展が決定しました。



ROLF BENZ closing charity party/total donation190,000 yen クロージングチャリティパーティ/19万円寄付

ROLF BENZ closing charity party/total donation190,000 yen クロージングチャリティパーティ/19万円寄付
TheROLF BENZ closing charity party that Masa held was a great success with about 60 people coming.The total donation of charity was 190,000 yen. She donated to Human Rights Watch, a human rights group around the world.She would like to thank all those who supported.They invited limited invitations and held it as an infection control measure.
The surprise guest of the talk show was a famous designer in Japan,Don Konishi, a friend of Masa, who has lived a turbulent life and has been doing activities not only in fashion design but also in interior and corporate image consulting in recent years.There were also three models from the human record series, and Masa interviewed one of them, why he decided to participate on nude model and how he felt after his experience as a nude model .
グローバルラグジュアリーインテリアブランド、ROLF BENZの11/19クロージングチャリティパーティは、コロナの中限定のご招待制でお呼びし、感染対策の中、開催させて頂きました。約60人近い沢山の方々にいらして頂き、大盛況に終わりました。チャリティは合計で19万円の寄付になりました。こちらを世界の人権団体、ヒューマンライツウォッチに今回寄付をさせて頂きました。ご参加、ご賛同・ご協力頂いた方々には感謝致します。


Statement for October physical exhibition in Tokyo /ROLF BENZ , SEIBU TOKYO 10月実際展示に出したステートメント

Statement for October physical exhibition in Tokyo /ROLF BENZ , SEIBU TOKYO
In our times, we are in an era where individuals can freely upload our information online. Looking at them may make you think you know that person, but I think that it is only the surface, superficial part. Humans are more complicated than that too .Also, numbers of “likes” and “followers”, are I think is not the right way to judge people, only by that, of course.
We are born naked in this world.
When a baby is born, it is first held by the mother. The baby is wrapped in a cloth, and the nurse may also let touch the skin of the baby to their mother.
We are born in the same way, regardless of environment, country, religion, or gender, and someday, we will die.
Human beings are born and grow up, we study a lot in our lives.Many failures and successes are repeated and we all experience a lot, in our lives.
I think that all the accumulation will be engraved on our human faces and bodies.
The human face and body are, to me, the very history of human beings.
My digital works are mixed and harmonized with hundreds of layers of photographs and paintings. In some cases, they are intentionally left as expressions, which remain as a form in the actual , but in most cases, they seem to remain as "existence".
The pandemic started last year, and I myself had a lot of things in my private life.
Living alone among various things. Despaired and overwhelmed by life,there was a time when I was about to give up on living in this world without hope.
Under such circumstances, last year, I sold my works a lot miraculously on online, one after another, continued to sell, and I received many commissions too. Hope arose while I was continuously making it and selling it without any break .
I believe that the “Art” has saved my life.
Art and the the people who purchased my art.
I would like to do my best from now on too so that I can do activities that I can return it in “Art”.
Since the beginning of this year, I have been able to repeat various experiments by incorporating digital, so I have hardly thought about exhibiting , selling online.
For that reason, there were no actual exhibitions or plans for a while, and this is the first exhibition in about two years.
I am very grateful to the people who has been involved and cooperated with me for these exhibitions.
No matter what happens, if we, human beings do not give up and have "hope", I think strongly now, that we can all move forward.
Masa Hayami October 2021
258542328_4288127747975956_3823273092469742577_n.jpg ROLF BENZ  ロルフベンツ青山
252060129_4228144000640998_1111254005820816829_n.jpg SEIBU SHIBUYA TOKYO  西武渋谷
Masa Hayami 10月 2021年 


Masa Hayami ×ROLF BENZ TOKYO「 A tree with strong roots・根の強い木 」

Masa Hayami ×ROLF BENZ TOKYO「 A tree with strong roots・根の強い木 」






[ World premiere, co-starring art and interior Rolf Benz Tokyo, a German luxury furniture brand is going to have a collaborative art and interior exhibition.


It’s a collaboration with featured multidisciplinary digital artist / life activist in Tokyo, Masa Hayami.

She has high expectations for future activities in Japan. She uses digital in her work.She is active on online, in Japan and overseas.


"A tree with strong roots" will be held from October 22nd (Friday) to November 23rd (Tuesday / holiday) at Rolf Benz Tokyo, the only flagship shop in Japan.

At this exhibition, different themes will be set on each of the three floors of the store, and art and interior collaboration will be developed.On the 1st floor, as a new attempt by Masa Hayami, she will exhibit the first human record series work of her new project, "Human Record Project".The 2nd floor is created by Masa Hayami, inspired by Japanese calligraphy, and creates the world view of ROLF BENZ with the expression of "J Caliabstract" that she creates combining with digital etc.On the first basement floor, ROLF BENZ's product materials, photographs and paintings will be used to create the only BENZ art in the world.


You can enjoy many of Masa Hayami's new works along with the latest interior world view of many masterpieces, including ROLF BENZ's iconic new armchair "Rolf Benz 594".


[Event Summary]


□ Name: Masa Hayami × ROLF BENZ TOKYO “A tree with strong roots”


□ Schedule: October 22nd (Friday) -November 23rd (Tuesday / holiday), 2021


OPEN: 11: 00-19: 00 Close: Closed on Wednesdays (excluding holidays)




□ Address: Almost Blue A Building, 6-4-6 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


□ Official site: https://www.rolf-benz-tokyo.jp




Masa Hayami


Multidisciplinary Digital Artist / Life Activist


Born in Hyogo prefecture Japan

She attended an international school from elementary school and went to England for college. From an early age she grew up in people of various races and nationalities and has been educated in an international environment. She adopts Eastern thought and focuses on humanity.She tries to see what rests beneath whatever seems to be happening on the surface of things.It's almost like training to face herself deeply.Her challenge is also the attempt to break global barriers and approach social matters.


ROLF BENZ has created a new trend in the history of the past 55 years and has released many iconic furniture that has opened up the era. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, the "Rolf Benz 594" is a work in this group. Precise craftsmanship is required to squeeze the curve of the armchair. The back shell is designed to wrap around you, allowing you to sit comfortably and lean against the left and right corners. The seat has a high cushioning property, and the wrinkles and piping treatment applied as a design show the attention to detail and high quality of this armchair.In addition to this, new works such as side tables and sideboards will also appear.


Armchair "Rolf Benz 594"W820 × D910 × H1120mm 550,000 yen (tax included) * Limited to Rolf Benz Tokyo





名称: Masa Hayami ×ROLF BENZ TOKYO「 A tree with strong roots・根の強い木 」

□日程:20211022日(金)~ 1123日(火・祝)

    OPEN11001900 Close:水曜日定休(祝日除く)

□会場:ROLF BENZ TOKYO (ロルフベンツ東京)

□住所:〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山六丁目46号 Almost Blue A



ロルフベンツ東京は、この度、学術的美術家・アーティスト ライフアクティビストとして世界を舞台に活躍するMasa Hayami氏の斬新な世界初公開アートと、ドイツのラグジュアリーファニチャーブランドであるロルフベンツのインテリアをコラボレーションした展示会「 A tree with strong roots・根の強い木 」を、日本唯一のフラッグシップショップであるロルフベンツ東京にて1022日(金)から1123日(火・祝)の期間限定で開催いたします。


 1階フロアでは、 Masa Hayami氏の新たな試みとして、多様性や人間性等にフォーカスした新プロジェクト「Human Record Project」人間記録シリーズ作品を世界ではじめて発表・展示いたします。

 2階フロアは、 Masa Hayami氏が書道をヒントに制作、デジタル等を組み合わせた「JCaliabstract 」の表現でROLF BENZの世界観を作り出します。

 地下1階フロアでは、ROLF BENZのプロダクトのマテリアル、写真やペインティングを使用し、世界で唯一のアートを作り出します。


 Masa Hayami氏の新たな作品の数々を、ROLF BENZのアイコニックな新作アームチェア「Rolf Benz 594」をはじめ、数々の代表作による最新のインテリアの世界観とともにお楽しみいただけます。





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