Masa Hayami


”命” Exist journal and life photographs

Multidisciplinary Artist
Life Activist


Her art is "Life Art".


She has been keeping various photographs of her "Exist Journal" and "Life" photographs.

She uploads on the “story” and then she puts some in “highlight” on Instagram.

Her exist journal photographs, and photographs of "Human record", herself are used in her various digital works.



" I started to put more effort  in digital from March 2021.

 I have come to use photographs of my own “exist journal” and I started taking photographs of human record as "myself as a living person who exist ”for my works. I  am working on "Human record project " recording other people who live, exists.


 work everyday with digital now and sometimes physical.

In digital, I repeat same things over and over everyday.

 I find something new or realize something in a simple patterns each day now.


We, all humans die and have a lifespan.

 However, I believe that our “souls” and our strong thoughts, emotions are able to survive .



彼女の芸術は”Life Art”、命・人生アート。


EXIST JOURNAL”、存在ジャーナルとLIFE”命の記録を写真で色々ずっと残してきている。


















  "Exist Journal" 存在ジャーナル     




 ”Record of human being, myself as a living person who exist ”生身の人間記録写真 




 "Life" photographs 命の記録写真