Masa Hayami


”経” Digital/ experiences and perspectives/meaning of layers

Multidisciplinary Artist
Life Activist






She aims to physically express what she experience digitally.

The use of layers, fabrics which are one of her physical expressions, also includes the meaning of creating a layer of “Ofuda”お札, amulets,

that is familiar in Japan by written Japanese characters.

She paints with “J caliabstract “that she created on her own on fabric layers etc.


⚫︎Since ancient times, Japanese people have believed that by placing something with the power of God close to them, they can protect themselves from disasters and dangers. This turned into “Ofuda” お札amulets, and various amulets were awarded at shrines.




Regarding production, my production way that incorporates digital is viewed from a different angles.

From that, the perspectives and horizons that I have never seen will expand.

As I began to incorporate digital into my production in earnest, I feel the importance of experiences and broadening my horizons more in my life.



As long as I have life, I want to keep learning, understanding and taking action in my own way, in any circumstances and environment.









フィジカル表現の一つになっているレイヤー、彼女の生地等の使用は、彼女が生み出した”J caliabstractを生地などに描き入れる事により、日本で馴染みのある、”お札”の層を作り出す意味も含まれています。