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Participated on History project ”Living in this era” as an artist. 今の時代に活きる”歴史プロジェクト”に美術参加

2021 / 01 / 23  04:16


 History project ”Living in this era”



A historic building built in the Meiji era that has been rebuilt with the passage of time.

It remained as it was without being exposed to the war of World War II. The founder of the major company in Japan, moved and restored it to Karuizawa. It has been 130 years since the location, landscape, changing seasons, memories of various people, and shapes have changed.


“Live in this era”


Overcome various difficulties this year in Japan, such as heavy rain caused by typhoon, deterioration of construction environment due to this pandemic, coronavirus, record breaking of long rainy season , and finally completed under those circumstances.


By stacking what is old and adding something new, creating a space where you can feel the “time.”I was asked from a major architectural interior company in Japan to participate in this project which the concept was to “enjoy old and new time” in art.

 For my art to express time, I used dismantled scraps, wood chips and stone fragments from the old building, transformed into a space that can be used now with memories of time and new elements.

It is an important project with a long history, and it was completed while the world is in this pandemic.

As an artist who was involved in it, I feel that it is a project that I will surely remember for the rest of my life, and I am very honored.


Rebuit in 2020































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Collaboration project with Itouchu Corporation which has 150years of history伊藤忠商事株式会社様とのコラボプロジェクト決定

2020 / 12 / 25  05:12

Next year she will be having collaboration project with Itouchu Corporation which has 150 years of history in Japan. 


I was introduced on Art site that inherits and nurture Japanese culture 日本の文化を継承し文化を育む美術専門の情報サイト掲載

2020 / 12 / 09  06:51
I was introduced and posted on Nihonbashi Art. Jp , an Art information site specializing in art that inherits and nurtures Japanese culture.

Online Solo Exibition From Home/ オンラインアットホーム自宅個展 11/30-12/6開催

2020 / 12 / 08  03:56

My Online Solo Exibition From Home ended, and it was my new attempt.

This was my secound time having solo exibition on my SNS and I was able to sell some of them.

Thank you very much.





Uploading work on my SNS and selling well online 作品を自分のSNS、オンラインで順調に継続し販売中

2020 / 09 / 06  22:50

From the pandemic started, from April 2020, I have been uplaoding, showing all my work on my SNS(FB,twitter, instagram) and thankfully I have been selling well on online.

I don't have any plan to exibit anywhere at the moment but if I plan, I will inform about it here.


今年の4月から、ちょうどコロナが始まった頃から、私は作品の発表の場を自分のSNS(FB,twitter, instagram)で発表し販売も始めました。



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