Masa Hayami


”生” Digital / Non fiction approach

Multidisciplinary Artist


 I grew up in analog environmnet and I am actually an analog person. My daughter is still very young and she’s digital native. She used to play with my phone when she was a baby.Sad, but since I can't live with her now, we sometimes check each other's activities and have communications on SNS and now I realized that the digital became something which makes me feel so warm and connected.
However, digital is expressed by whether or not it exists clearly on the pixel or not . Since there is no middle ground, I've always thought that there was something missing. 
My approach is how to take a digital approach from "living" perspective.I named it, "生” non-fiction approach, focusing on light and layers.

In digital, my interest are mostly in the discovery, focus on surfaces, spaces, existance, and unknown. Having kind of pictorial strategy that I created  by myself, I am now starting to see the world in differnt perspectives, and it's almost like working organically.

For me, in order to express and create my work, I value my mind and soul. It’s not about the various siluette, images and shapes.

I create emotional space from my experiences and I have to closely observe the phenomenon that is happening in front of me, and have dialogue and conversations with it . That is because there is always a complicated world and stories to it .

I need to have a conversation with it, and it should be a meaningful time .


"生” ノンフィクションと名付けました。光や層に視点を置いています。